From Personal Discovery to Shared Passion: Our Journey to Bring Wellness to All

Who We are

Hi, we’re Benjamin and Justin, and we’re so happy you have chosen to check out our new offering, KALDR. Saunas and cold plunges have been a mainstay of our lives for over a decade. Our initial introductions to these practices began as curiosities, which then developed into habits, which then turned into a deep love and reverence for their powers.

Why hot & cold?

Whether sweating after a long day’s work or cold plunging to reduce muscular soreness from exercise, while working on our own personal careers we have been working on bringing products to market that allow people to more affordably and conveniently reap the benefits of contrast therapy (Sweat + Plunge). While there are many public saunas available, having one at home is out of reach for most people. And unless you live right next to the ocean, cold plunging remains out of reach for most people. 

We began creating designs for a cold plunge and sauna that would be of the highest quality while still being within financial reach of most people. We reached out to many different manufacturers, had a bunch of different prototypes created for us, and tested rigorously until we found the perfect design for each. We use our products every day, and we feel confident that you will love them just as much as we do. 

The Cold plunge

Our cold plunge is a fantastic piece of equipment that will not only look elegant on your deck, but it will perform to a very high standard that we know you’ll love. It filters the water while chilling it all the way down to 3C if you desire, and if you feel like it, it also heats it up to 42C so you can have a relaxing hot bath outdoors. There is no need for ice, and no more concerns about algae buildup using a horse trough or some other homemade solution. The tub is also inflatable, using the same high quality drop stitch fabric as paddle boards. We love this as it makes it a portable solution, and is easily packed up and stored away if you are not wanting to use it.

The Savna

The sauna tent is the perfect companion to the cold plunge. We designed it to pop up so there is no need for any poles to be inserted, you just take it out of the bag, pop it up, and place the stove inside. In less than 30 minutes you should be good to go for a sweat, whether you’re taking it camping or to a friends house. We’ve also designed cedar benches with folding legs for portability that will give you that unique cedar wood smell while you’re sweating. The stove also comes with sauna rocks, so you can steam the tent up to your heart’s content. It’s a truly authentic sauna experience for a fraction of the cost of a traditional sauna installation, and you can take it wherever you go. 

why is contrast therapy hot right now?

There’s a reason why every health influencer is talking about cold plunging and sauna right now. With the ever increasing demands and challenges of the modern world, people are looking for respite and healing. Sauna and cold plunge offer real, lasting impacts on mental and physical well being. When you pair them together, the effects are multiplied, going from the sauna to the cold plunge and back again is a rejuvenating, expansive experience for people of all ages and backgrounds. It’s a way to come together as a family, as friends, as a way to slow down, connect and heal. Together. 

thank you for joining us

Whatever reason you came to us, whether cold plunge, sauna, or both, we hope that you will choose to join us in our journey. If you’re on Vancouver Island and would like to check our stuff out in person, please feel free to reach out. We’d love to show you. Also please see our blogs on all the amazing health benefits of sauna and cold plunge. We think you’ll be surprised at all the proven benefits of these practices. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your time, and we will see you in the plunge – or the tent!